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Idxtools is a suite of tools to assist in the productions of indexes. It is primarily aimed at indexers working from existing material such as printed proofs.

The central concept behind Idxtools is the file format used for the indexes. All the programs understand this format and the sorting program produces its output in the format enabling a edit-sort-check cycle.

Typical use:
The indexer enters headings, subheadings and page references into a text file (using a format similar to real indexes) in any order.

The text file is then passed through a program which sorts and merges all the headings, subheadings and page references as appropriate. The output of this program is in the same format as the input thus new entries can be added and the file passed through the program again.

When the index is complete, the text file is passed through another program, which converts the idxtools format into a format suitable for a word processor.

Final output can be produced in plain text, RTF and HTML.

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Version 0.0.4b

Version 0.0.4a

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The users' manual in HTML is included in the distribution.



The software is released under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2.

Get the source code: idxtools-0.0.4b.tar.gz

Get a precompiled binary for Win32 platforms (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 and 2000): idxtools-0.0.4b.exe
Please read the installation instructions.

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