Idxtools Users' Manual

David Vrabel

This manual is released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (version 2).

Table of Contents
1. Idxtools index file format
1.1. Headings and subheadings
1.2. Special characters
1.2.1. Accents
1.3. Formatting
1.4. Page references
1.5. Cross references
1.6. Changing the sort order
1.7. Sorting and merging
2. Configuration
2.1. Idxsorter options
3. Hints and tips
3.1. Changing the sort order
3.1.1. Non alphabetical ordering of subheadings
3.1.2. Preventing entries from merging
I. Program reference
idxsorter — Sort and merge indexes
idx2txt — Convert an index to plain text.
idx2rtf — Convert an index to RTF.
idx2html — Convert an index to HTML.
idxsort — Front end to idxsorter
idxconvert — Front end to the converters.
idxalphabetize — Inserts alphabet headings into a sorted index.
A. Diagnostics
B. Quick Guile introduction
B.1. Setting variables
B.2. Comments
B.3. Examples