Chapter 2. Configuration

Idxtools uses a number of configuration files to specify default behavior of the various tools. There are three configuration files which are used (see Table 2-1 for the files and their typical locations).

Table 2-1. Configuration file locations

Configuration fileUNIX systemsMicrosoft Windows systems
System wide/usr/local/etc/idxtools/defaults.scmc:\Program Files\idxtools-0.0.3\etc\defaults.scm
Per user$HOME/.idxtools.scm???
Per project./idxtools.scmidxtools.scm (in current folder)

The configuration files use Guile a variation of the programming language Scheme. See Appendix B for a quick introduction to Guile.

2.1. Idxsorter options

letter-by-letter boolean

Specifies whether entries should be sorted in letter by letter (#t) or word by word order (#f).

generate-key function

The function called to generate the keys from a heading. Unless you've written your own key generator set this to standard-generate-key.

allow-entry-merging boolean

Specifies whether entries with the same key should be merged (#t) or kept separate (#f).

allow-crossref-merging boolean

Specifies whether cross references with the same key should merged (#t) or kept separate (#f).

allow-pageref-merging boolean

Specifies whether overlapping page ranges should be merged into a single page range (#t) or kept separate (#f).

show-keys boolean

Specifies whether the sort keys should be displayed after the headings (#t) or hidden (#f).

Table 2-2. Idxsorter option defaults

OptionDefault value