Chapter 3. Hints and tips

3.1. Changing the sort order

3.1.1. Non alphabetical ordering of subheadings

Is achieved by prepending {|number} to the subheadings. Ensure that the numbers are in the correct order.

Example 3-1. Non alphabetical ordering of subheadings


Is output as


The numbers must have the same number of digits so prepend extra zeros if required.

3.1.2. Preventing entries from merging

Under certain circumstances entries can be merged when you don't want them to be. To prevent this append {|number} to the entries. Use the number to control the ordering.

Example 3-2. Preventing entries from merging

*entry*  1
entry  2

Is usually output as:

*entry*  1, 2

So instead use:

*entry*{|2}  1
entry{|1}  2

To produce

entry  2
*entry*  1